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Beckham Vacation in Bali This Summer

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bali is a Great full Paradise on earth. Everyone love of Bali, love with the beach, with mountain, with the temple, with the culture and with the mages of Bali. Not excepted David Beckham the English Soccer megastar, Which pick The Bali Island to they summer vacation. Beckham with his wife Victoria and their three children, reportedly recently spent their holiday in Bali.

Fresh from a Spanish League victory playing for Real Madrid and en-route to their new home in the Los Angeles where he will play for LA Galaxy, Beckham reportedly arrived by private jet in (Yogyakarta sentral java, Indonesia)on June 19th for a stay at the ultra-luxurious Amanjiwo resort near Borobudur Temple. Then after spent a time to holyday in Borobudur Temple and enjoyed yogyakarta beckham and his family goes to Bali.

Beckham, Victoria and his 3 children reportedly enjoyed a stay at the Amankila near Manggis, East Bali. Hotly pursued by paparazzi, the Beckham's moved to an undisclosed location to continue to enjoy their private Bali hotel.

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