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Bali Scuba Diving Place

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Swimming underwater while using self-contained breathing equipment (scuba diving) on your vacation with your friend, family or truly lover is a great things that you can do in Bali. With the coral, many fish and the blue sea its a romantic things that you can also do for your honeymoon.

Enjoyed the Bali diving adventure, explore the under water environment of Bali, see thousand species of fish and coral at exotic Bali diving spots:


A beautiful underwater view with abundance of colorful tropical fishes, soft corals and sponges growing on the 10 to 25 km of barrier reef.

Reef type : Drop-off to moderate depth

access : 5 minutes by outrigger boat

Visibility : Low, 6 - 8 meters (can reach 15 meters on occasion

Current : very gentle

Coral : limited coverage, few species

Fish : Surprisingly good variety

Highlights : Feeding frency on a fresh spawn

Other : Nusa Dua has slightly better coral cover than Sanur


One and half hour by boat from Sanur beach this two area has many diving spot, its about 12 dive spot with different view along the island. Need very experience diver to dive along the site. Due it’s current.

Reef type : Drop-offs, steep slopes

Access : 45 minutes to 1,5 hrs by speed boat

Visibility : Good, 15 meters

Current : Moderate to very strong (4+ knots)

Coral: Very good variety of hard corals; excellent stand of Dendronephthya

Fish : Excellent variety; many pelagic

Highlights : large Scholl of sweet lips, very large hawksbill turtle. Site also hosts sharks, mantas, and even oceanic sunfish

Others ; Can be very cold ; current are unpredictable and often fierce.


There are two main dive spots at Padang Bay: "Pura Jepun" and Tanjung Bungsil. slightly better than those off Nusa Dua and Sanur, but the water is colder.

Reef type : Flat-bottomed mixed reef and sandy bottom, some wall

Access : 10 - 15 minutes by small outtriger boat

Visibility : Variable; poor to fair, 6 - 15 meters

Current : Gentle, less than 1 knot

Coral: scattered outcops, fair variety

Fish : Good variety and numbers

Highlights : Large feeding Titan triggerfish, blue-spotted stingrays.


One and half hour from Denpasar, it is located in the front of Candi Dasa Beach,one of the famous tourist resort in Karangasem Regency, fifteen minutes from Padang Bay by boat. This diving area offer you a nice underwater panorama. And need advance level diver due the strong current and some white Tip shark hang on this area.

Geography : Steep coral walls; underwater canyon

Access : 20 - 30 minutes by small outboard

Visibility : Variable; poor to very good; 6-20 meters

Current : Can be extremely strong, more than 5 knots

Coral: Excellent coverage and variety

Fish: Literally teeming with fish

Highlights : Topekong Canyon, good change to see pelagic

Other : Very sticky currents, strong surge, uncomfortably cold.


This diving area located East Coast of island, shore dive, good underwater panorama with with colorful tropical fish, coral and gorgonians. You can enjoy all of attraction from 6 meters deep up to 40 meters. Calm water, black sand and some time a good visibility make your journey more enjoyable. Access by outrigger boat or swim from the shore.

Reef type : Coastal reef; flats, slope and wall

Access : Beach; 5 minutes by outrigger boat

Visibility : Fair to good, 10 - 20 meters

Current : Mild

Coral : Excelent, best hard coral variety in Bali

Fish : Excelent numbers, superb variety

Highlights : Density of fish on the deep wall; coral species just off beach.

TULAMBEN USS Liberty ShipWreck

One of our best site is Tulamben, USS Liberty has sunk on January 11, 1942 this ship was hit by torpedoes from a Japanese submarine while crossing Lombok strait. The wreck is lying 6 meters from the beach until 35 meters. Divers simply walk out from the beach, spit in their masks, and go It is provided an accessible and interesting underwater attraction for both diver and snorkeled.

Reef type : Liberty wreck; wall

Access : Beach; ship is 30 meters offshore

Visibility : Fair to good, 12-15 meters

Current none

Coral : Good growth of encrusting animals on wreck; fine coral on wall

Fish: superb variety, excellent numbers

Highlights : Full moon night dive on wreck

Other : fish on wreck are regularly fed and quite tame : during midday. wreck be be crowded


Pura Jati or Zen Beach is newly discover and unique dive site in Bali. This is what the expert call Top quality Muck Diving. There is no Tropical Coral reef like many other places. But when you dive here you will be fascinated by the huge diversity of Marine life. Just walk in and swim out less than 50 meters. This is any Photographer or Marine life expert dream.


There are at least 8 different Dive site around the island. Menjangan island is world class dive site in Bali with its clear blue water with fantastic corals, million of multi colored tropical fish, turtles and rays. You can dive here for days For all diver levels and great place for snorkel or hangout on the white sandy beaches.

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