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Bali Sanur Beach

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sanur beach is a long stretch of beautiful white sands lined with palms that shade dreamy footpaths market stalls and relaxed beach cafes. Along the beach are a number of traditional groins complete with traditional Balinese Bale (raised shaded day sleeping and relaxing areas). Most are no longer used although a few are sometimes occupied by the odd fisherman who fish from these waters. The waters of Sanur are protected by a long string of offshore reefs creating large, warm shallow, safe lagoons that are perfectly clear and excellent for swimming, snorkeling and a whole array of water sports. Surfers will be pleased to know that the reefs around Sanur produce some of the best waves in the world in the right conditions although they can be very shallow and dangerous at low tides. There are also plenty of more consistent spots around the area for surfing.

Sanur is also the place where the few remaining of Brahman Kuasa villages found. Some of the charming ritual procession such as Bali's only all-female keris dance is held in this area. The Prasasti Blanjong, an emblazoned pillar here dated AD 913, is Bali's earliest behind the times relic and is now kept in a temple in Blanjong village, southern part of Sanur.

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