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The Amazing "Air Jeruk Beach" Bali

Monday, August 25, 2008

Air Jeruk Beach lies about four kilometers from Sukawat, on the southeast coast of Bali. The presence of the old Pura Air Jeruk temple, popular with pilgrims, makes the beach a wonderfully attractive spot to visit.

Air Jeruk Beach in Bali in Indonesia is emerging as coolest and most happening beaches of Bali. The beach has a serene aura and the peaceful ambience is what let the travelers seek recluse here. It is located about four kilometers from Sukawat, on the southeast coast of Bali. The spectacular beauty of the beach is overwhelming and the captivating sights are a real visual treat for all the travelers. The attractive coastline and the people bustling along the seashore imparts it a natural touch. After you take delight in the beauty of the Air Jeruk Beach in Bali, do pay a visit to the Pura Air Jeruk temple which makes it an interesting spot and a major site among all the tourist attractions in Bali.

Being in Bali one can be sure that they are in for a complete rejuvenating and unique holiday experience. Owing to the presence of the sacred temple, Air Jeruk Beach in Bali has become a favorite spot for the pilgrims and as such large number of visitors takes a trip to this place every year. During the ceremony of the melasti in Balinese, the beach is teeming with thousands of far off travelers and locals who wish to purify their mind, soul and body with the water at the beach a ceremony called melasti in Balinese. Hindus believe that the sea is the domain of many spirits and that they must provide offerings to these spirits, whilst at the same time pray for health, fertility and well-being.

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