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Batu Bulan Bali

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Batu Bulan is a small town, it’s located about 10 km from Denpasar. Batu Bulan is famous as the place that its excellent stone carvers. Batubulan is well known for stone carvings. Traditionally, stone sculptures carved from soft volcanic rock were used to adorn temples and palaces. The craftsmen can make practically anything.

Batu Bulan is the area contain the statues carver inside. Workshops are located all along the roadside and visitors are welcome to see the carvers that it is working. These statues are usually made from the sandstone. Recently many antique shops have sprung up on the same road, selling items from all over Indonesia. Discerning buyers may well find a bargain

Batubulan also boasts many dance clubs that regularly perform. Antiques and handicrafts are on sale, besides the stone carvings. Because its stone sculptors are exceptionally gifted, Batu bulan is an area of beautiful temples. Particularly interesting is the Pura Puseh, lying 200 meters inland. Here on the temple gate, deities from the Hindu pantheon are juxtaposed to a meditating Buddha.

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