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Tulamben Bali The Paradise of Diving

Thursday, August 7, 2008


LOCATION: A small village on the north-east coast of


E: Shore Diving, Wreck-diving, Wall-diving, Night-diving, Deep-diving, photography (Batu Kelebit is a 5min outrigger journey

from Tulamben) VISIBILITY: 12 - 25 metres

CURRENT: Zero to mild currents

DEPTHS: 3 - 40

metres (average depth 18 metres)

MIN LEVEL: Introductory - suitable for every level and


HIGHLIGHTS: Extraordinary diversity of marinelife, huge school of Big-eyed Trevally. 1

20-metre shipwreck, beautifully coloured wall. Full Moon Night Dive. Great photographic opportunities and colour contr

ast with the black sand. AquaMarine's first choice for our special 1 Day Intro Adventure Diving Program. Great snorkelling site.

CONDITIONS: Black sand slope with a 120-metre shipwreck, coral gardens and a wall. The fist-sized black stones can make entry tricky when there are waves present.

Tulamben is a popular dive site in Bali, especially around the wreck of the Liberty Glo, a US Army Transport ship torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1942. It is a very easy wreck dive and may by done by divers of all certification levels. It is accessed directly from the shoreline and located about 25 meters from shore. At it deepest point, it is about 30 meters from the surface and it tops out at about 5 meters from the surface.

The beach is fist-sized black volcanic rocks that become sand in the shallows. This black sand does not provide the reflective properties of white limestone sand and, combined with the amount of plankton in the water, accounts for the relatively low visibility (12-25M). It does however provide a dramatic contrast, which brings out the colours of the corals, gorgonians, fish and other marinelife. The 100s of macro-species that live here both blend and contrast beautifully with the sand.

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