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Banyu Wedang "The Natural Hot Spring", Buleleng Bali

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The hot spring is located at Pejarakan village, district of Grokgak, about 60 km in distance from Singaraja, right on the borderline of West Bali National Park. The Southern part of the entrance to Banyuwedang Hotspring belongs to the National Park area while the Northern part belongs to Batu Ampar resort which is later developed by the local Government as newly open tourist-resort for having the marine park around Menjangan Island.

The hot spring has its source off shore and it will be under water when the sea water rises. At the biggest hot spring, a round concrete protector has been built so when the sea-water rises, the hot spring will not be mixed with the saline sea water.

The spring water contains high content of sulphur with average temperature of 40 ° C. Because of its high content of sulphur, the hot spring water is believed widely to have healing power especially skin disease, so lots of people come to this place for healing purpose.

The beach where the hot spring is located is over-grown by mangrove trees so it can be kept from having marine erosion.

The real hot spring of Banyuwedang is actually located in the centre of mangrove forest offshore. The surrounding area is rather barren because it is merely limestone and there is no stream around as the water source for the forestation around the area.

Plants growing most are the species being resistant to the condition lack of water like what is known in Bali as "bekuI" or "bangyang" tree.

The existence of the hot spring with sulphur content of water offshore, supported by the sparsely populated area which can create peaceful situation, has urged the provincial Government of Bali to develop this resort to be a "Health Tourism Resort" in the future.

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