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Bingin Beach Bali

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bali Island is a heaven island for tourist especially surfer because Bali own a lot of coast with good wave for surfing. The coastal exist in south part of Bali Island generally own the good wave for surfing because looking out on direct to the Indian Ocean.

Bingin is located on the western side of the bukit peninsula between Dreamland and Impossibles. Whit Coordinates: 8°48'18"S 115°6'48"E. Its is ideal for advanced surfers and has a beautiful wave, a left hander, that works really well during the dry season (June-September) when off shore winds are the norm

Just mention the coastal in Uluwatu area that is Bingin Beach, which is nowadays become the favorite beach for tourist especially surfers. Bingin Beach is located in Uluwatu area about 25 minutes from Bali's International Airport . Its beach is frequently used as a place of surfing competition, like recently, the Oakley Bali perform a surfing competition which is opened for public where the participant are coming from local a .

The beach is safe to swim on and that swimmers should stick to the left side of the beach at high-tide and anywhere on the beach at low tide.

This white-sand beach is pockmarked with rock and reef, forming pools in low tide, while at high tide the beach is almost consumed by the sea. Experienced surfers love to come here as the waves are near perfect and often form pristine tubes. The water is also fairly safe for swimming and snorkeling as the waves break on a reef about fifty to one hundred meters from the shoreline.

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