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Pura Tirta Gangga Bali

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pura Tirta Gangga in Bali in Indonesia is one of the historic temples in Bali which also has a remarkable setting. It is located 10 kilometers north of Karangasem town. Strategically placed on the north of the famous town of Karangasem on the slopes leading to the Mount Agung, the Tirta Gangga village serves as a resting haven for the travelers looking for recluse. It features a real water playground in the town, which entails a historic tale. It was originally believed to be designed by the 6 princes of the Royal Family of Karangasem and used as bathing place for the king. It is owing to the fascinating legend behind Pura Tirta Gangga in Bali, that it remains a great place for Sightseeing in Bali in Indonesia.

The Tirta Gangga Garden is one the beautiful gardens complex. In The Tirta Gangga Garden complex was gotten the spring, the protective building of the spring, the water tower, various styles of the form of the pond, jet of water, the maintenance of the fish decorated, various crops and flowers. On the whole this garden complex presented one attraction and special beauty. It is fast gaining in popularity both among the locals and the far off travelers because of its serene surroundings and exquisite water gardens. Besides this holy site one can also find a large natural spring in the north of the complex of Tirta Gangga. The spring is believed to be sacred and derived from the River Ganges.

The Tir
ta Gangga be the aim for the tourist attraction that is very important to be visited. In around the Tirta Gangga Garden tourist attraction has availabled various facilities for the visitors and tourists, like the parking lot, accommodation, the restaurant and various small stalls.

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