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Tuban Bali

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tuban is the first place most visitors to your vacation trip in Bali, as it is the location of the Airport. Tuban location on south of Kuta, this densely populated area features family hotels, shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Tuban is a place that you can rest for a while before you traveling /vacation in Bali.

Getting to the accommodation in Tuban from the airport is easy, the closest hotel being the Patra, which is connected to the airport. The main strip of hotels is Jl. Kartika Plaza, a more 5 minutes by taxi. Most of the hotels have an ocean view allowing you to literally step off a plane, check in and be on the beach within an hour.

Among the bars & restaurants in Tuban are:

• All Stars Surf Cafe
• Daddy’s Cafe
• Deejay Cafe
• Golden Lotus
• Kin Khao
• Kunyit
• Ma Joly
• Musro
• Stadium Cafe

Among the accommodation options in Tuban are:

• Bali Dynasty Resort
• Bali Garden Hotel
• Bunut Gardens
• Discovery Kartika Plaza
• Puspa Ayu Bungalows
• The Sandi Phala

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