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Bali Perfect Beach

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Beaches, the meeting between sea and land, they have an unique of mysterious nature. From there you can get your mind opened, that earth is very wide, beautiful, fun and spooky. Many words you can say about beaches. For your realize, many tourist come to countries, just to enjoy the beaches, feeling the sun and sand.

As you know Bali famous of a beach, we can enjoy the vacation with going some beach in Bali. Bali Paradise is a Perfect vacation place because in there we can get beach like we cant. We can surfing, diving, swim, or just rest and enjoy the sunset with the lover, friends or family.

By it’s sand, beaches in Bali categorized into two beaches, they are white sand and black sand. Then, what are the best beaches in Bali? here are most visited:

- Kuta Beach @ Kuta
- Dreeamland Beach @ Bukit
- Nusa Dua Beach @ Nusa Dua
- Sanur Beach @ Sanur
- Uluwatu Beach @ Uluwatu
- Jimbaran Beach @ Jimbaran
- Medewi Beach @ Negara

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