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Bali Safe For The Tourists

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Travellers wishing to visit Bali have no need to worry about the security situation on the island. Denpasar' Police Chief Dewa Made Suharya said recently that Bali, miles away from Jakarta, is safe for tourists, and that police pledge to maintain this security .

He said that police would take stern measures against anyone trying to conduct 'suspicious' activities that may lead to rioting.

"Bali is safe and the security is under full control," he said .

Meanwhile, Governor of Bali Dewa Made Beratha said that to keep Bali safe and peaceful, the island has been declared "closed" for any political activities, meaning that no such activities may take place on the island at present.

Indonesia's No. 1 tourist destination has remained safe and totally unaffected by the unrest that has recently occurred in other parts the country. "This safe and secure location should not be used as an arena for political battles," the governor was quoted as saying in the Bali Post.

Business As Usual

Activities in all regions of Indonesia, including Bali, continue as usual. Tourists on the island are spending their holidays in comfort as their safety is guaranteed, a hotelier said.

Several Bali hotels contacted by affirmed that the current politically unstable situation has had no impact on hotel occupancy rates.

Meanwhile, a foreign traveller recently said in a travel forum: "Bali is probably the safest place I have ever been. I have been living here for the last six years with my family. Not once I have felt threatened in any way. The Balinese are so gentle, kind and spiritual. Don't mix Bali up with the rest of Indonesia," he added.

As another traveller said: "Too bad for you and your family that you didn't go to Bali. I've been there for 3 weeks with my husband and four other adults and two children. This holiday was the best I've ever had. We're definitely going back."

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