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Sanur Village Festival

Saturday, June 16, 2007

This year the event of Sanur Village which events to bring the Sanur tourism community and the local community together through a week-long event dedicated to increase the cultural aspects of the area will be held from 15 – 19th August 2007. That Festival will be held at the Inna Grand Bali Beach and Segara Beach carrying the theme “Fun and Cultural Event”. Various activities allow opportunities for development and showcase of cultural skills as well as competitions to even exhibitions.

The activities scheduled for this year’s event include :

  • ICA annual cooking competition
  • Cultural parade
  • Cultural performance
  • Fun bike and city tour
  • Art and Painting exhibition
  • International Bonsai and Adenium exhibition : Asia Pacific
  • Food festival and bazaar
  • Water sports competition; traditional boat, surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing, kayaking, and canoe
  • Golf tournament
  • Kite contest
  • Fun Games
  • Jazz festival
  • Under water festival
  • International Cartoon exhibition : Ina - Australia
  • Cleaning Campaign
  • Yoga meditation
  • DJ parade
  • International rugby competition
Ensure you schedule your next visit to Sanur around this time as Sanur becomes a fun, hustling and bustling village full of activities for all the family Vacation. To get detail contact: or

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