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Batu Kelebit Bali Scuba Diving

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Location: South of Tulamben

Visibility: 5-25m

Depths: 9-55m (30-180ft)

Diving Conditions: Mainly for Advanced Divers. The cold currents can be quite strong here. They occur at the surface and down the slope, but tend to ease into the depths.

Travel time to site: 3 hours by mini-bus, 15 minutes by Jukung (traditional Balinese fishing boat)

Underwater Topography: The reefs at this deep dive fan out into the sand rising only 3- 5 m. from the bottom. Current-fed hard coral growth features acropora and porites species. The striking difference between the virgin sand bottoms and the array of hard corals makes it unique in the Tulamben area.

Just around the corner from Tulamben Bay, there are two large underwater boulders lying just offshore from a point marked by a jagged crest of lava. The dive site is dramatic and consists of steep ridges encrusted with an incredible diversity of hard corals, sea fans, fire coral and sponges with sand patches in between. At this dive site the colour of the sand differs from Tulamben Bay as does the marine life.

In fish and invertebrate life, Batu Kelebit is perhaps even richer than Tulamben Bay. Because of the steepness of the site combined with the structure of the ridges and plankton rich water, you will have more chance to see big pelagic including dog tooth tuna, mantas, schools of barracuda and you will always see white tip reef sharks. Because Batu Kelebit receives deep offshore water, the visibility will be excellent and the temperature a little cold. Current in here usually tends to northwest, however the ridges here provide excellent protection.

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