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Seraya Bali, "Macro Paradise"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Location: Few Kilometer South of Tulamben Bay

Visibility: 5-30m

Depths: 3-25m

Diving Conditions: Normally easy conditions, no strong currents. Can be bit challenging when there is a swell.

Travel time to site: 2.5 hours with BIDP's mini-bus

Underwater Topography: Gentle slope of small rocks and vulcanic black sand.

Marine life: Macro Paradise.. Numorous species of Nudibranchs as well as Seahorses, Ornate Ghost Pipefish (Harlequin Ghost Pipefish), Boxer Crab, Small Murene, Frogfish and sometimes Harlequin Shrimps and More.

Tucked away in East of Bali region only 3 kilometers from Tulamben, Bali North East Coast with its sparkling blue water of the pristine Muntig Bay and under foot of Mount Agung. Many tourist visit there and photographer (professional and recreational) too come on this dive site is known as a "Macro Paradise". Many photographers keep returning to this site regularly. As the USAT Liberty dive site is famous around the world for its easy and extraordinary dive, Seraya is a lot less known. You however will be stunned by the diversity of small marine life and critters at this site. When you bring a underwater camera to Bali Indonesia, this dive site is a must do dive!

Seraya's dive site's profile is a gradually sloping rocky bottom and vulcanic black sand with small oases of corals and sponges. It's a easy dive with access from the beach.

You can find a half round metal cage underwater at this location that is used as a project to grow corals. At this dive site it is easy to make a dive of longer then 60 minutes on one tank, as the average depth to see all the marine attractions can be pretty shallow. An outstanding place to use Nitrox and maximize your time underwater..

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